Whiskey on the rocks

This blog post is not about my drinking habit, more like a metaphor for how my year is going so far.

My 2019 started off tasting like a sweet & sour margarita you order at your favorite cantina in the summertime; then, it slowly shifted into a more bitter taste of an IPA that pairs well with a some delicious tacos you prepare with friends over a long weekend; but lately, it’s been a gut-wrenching, head-shaking in utter disgust, hard-to-swallow whiskey on the rocks, a drink you only resort to when the only purpose is to get shit-face drunk.

photo of white purple and blue smoke
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

“So, what are you complaining about?” you may ask…. well I keep asking myself that every night, as I sink into the deep feeling of uncertainty. That feeling hits just as I come to the conclusion that my talents are being wasted, my time is not appreciated and caused by people who only look at you and see a number, just a piece in the puzzle they can move whenever they feel like to either benefit themselves or when you’re no longer needed. Corporate ‘merica amirite?

So yeah, this blog post may be pointless but totally necessary, because now I can take action and get out of this creative block that’s been holding me back for the past eight months. 

Bottom line is: we’re our own worst enemy. Because all this bad shit I’ve been thinking, it’s only hurting ME. Not putting in the extra hours to change my habits, turn the table and chase something better is really getting on my nerve. Don’t be like 2019 me. She sucks.

Hope you’re doing something good for yourself today.

Resultado de imagen para paramore fake happy  video still
Fake Happy by Paramore has been my jam lately.

If you’re reading this part right here, thank you for sticking around. This rant is going nowhere but it’s something I need to get out of my chest and to give it a rest.

Full disclosure: at the time I finished writing this I was on my third drink. Guess my drinking habit actually fueled this whole thing lol.


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