Glimpse Into My Creative Endeavour

Creative burnout is quite an emotionally challenge to overcome. It completely drains your energy and fills you with doubt, makes it impossible to think, function, work and relate to other people. There’s many factors to it: stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, fear, pain… and sadly I’ve been going through it all. Usually I can take advantage of my mood swings and use art as a medium to vent, but that hasn’t been the case lately.

Long story short: I feel stuck.


I hate feeling stuck, realizing I’m not taking advantage of my freedom, my talents and my desire to explore more. That’s why I decided to break off my routine and try new things. My first action towards healing was to reclaim my time and develop skills that can boost my confidence, keep the creative juices flowing, so I joined a little zine club. Wish I did this sooner, working alongside local artists and creative minds sets a friendly enviroment where the energy flows magically.

IMG_4007I recently shared via instastories about my latest collaboration with some new friends, we came up with this. It’s a small collection of thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams.

I focused my writing on one thing: time and how I’ve been taking it for granted. This is a feeling I always get around my birthday and how I look back at the things that I’ve done, putting them on a scale and realizing how much of it has made me truly happy, and getting rid of all the toxic that’s been dragging me down.

Another thing that’s helping me regain confidence is going out for a walk, just to think about the positive changes I can make right now and how can I achieve them. At the beginning of the year I was excited to work on my reading list and failed miserably in a couple of months, think I’ll get back to it. I also started working out again as a way to relieve my stress, pushing me to get out all of my energy and maybe that will help me sleep better.

059af804-2cdd-45d9-80f1-a99eff763b02.jpgI find it helpful to work outside of the comforts of my home. If I need to do some research, write or study, I just pack my laptop and go to a café, and actually focus on what has to be done, instead of just neglecting my responsibilities and watching netflix. Sometimes I just take my camera and go to a museum. Or journal at the beach. This little actions bring me so much joy and even now just writing this blogpost is making me smile. Guess that’s a significant step in the right direction. ❂


  1. It is good to hear that you are finding ways to regain confidence on your creativity. Doing something else out of our comfort zone helps too, not to mention the benefit of adjusting routines, and building up new habits. All those experiences are a good investment for our creative bank account. I include a video with more detail on this concept. Good luck!

    Your Creative Bank Account

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